In which our heroine resorts to lifehacking.

Appointment with NP didn’t go quite as well as I had hoped. She seemed a nice enough lady, but was reluctant to write me a prescription for the Ambien dosage I had been on previously. I don’t know if that is her personal conviction or a mandate of Army healthcare, but that 5mg of Ambien did very, very little to help me sleep last night.

Day 11 of sleep deprivation. Not pretty.

I spent more than a few minutes looking into various options for trying white noise. I’ve had some success in the past with falling asleep to thunderstorm cds, and I have a thunderstorm track on my iPhone. I downloaded an app called simplynoise, which was fairly calming, and was playing around with its sister website when I came across this trick to setting a sleep timer on your iP*. I just tested it out, and it seems to work pretty well – so I’ll give it a shot tonight with my trusty thunderstorm track and a pair of decent headphones.

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I learned a valuable lesson today.

I am a distance education graduate student in library and information studies. What this means is that twice a week, I rush home from work, snarf down some supper, park myself in front of the computer and listen to my professors lecture over the Internet for three to four hours at a time.

Tonight I learned that my contact lenses reach the point where they REALLY want to be out of my eyes sometime after my class begins at 7 PM, but sometime significantly before we normally get our first class break. Oops.

The whole reason I’ve gone back to wearing my contacts daily is that I had a discussion with my new optometrist this past weekend, in which she mentioned that protecting the eyes with sunglasses or hats can help keep macular degeneration at bay. My macula look fine, but with one parent who’s got macular degeneration, I’d like to keep them looking fine for as long as possible. Hence, the sunglasses; hence the contacts.

The other thing that’s come out of my recent visit to the optometrist: she recommended a new cleaning method for my contacts that would help compensate for some of the issues my allergies cause. So I’ve begun using Clear Care, which is a cleaning process that uses peroxide to kill bacteria – but that involves a kinda nifty looking apparatus that neutralizes the peroxide into a safe saline solution after six hours.

I’ve been using it for three days, and so far it’s done a good job of cleaning my lenses – they feel good in my eyes, and heck, it’s kind of fun to drop the little contact lens cage into the solution and watch it fizz and bubble and eat all the gunk off the lenses. om nom nom.

But you best be sure that when I opened up that trial kit to use for the first time, I read the directions. And then I read them again. And then I read them a third time. Because peroxide in the eyes, that’s bad. Really bad.

I recommend anyone who tries Clear Care do the same careful reading. It works a treat, when you use it correctly.

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Food for thought.

Two links, both from the NYT:

Tweet Less, Kiss More

Friend K. shared this with me on facebook this morning. And at the end of that article, I spotted this one:

Surgeon Who Repaired Heart Joins Patient As He Tests It In Triathlon

They were both really good reminders that there are things I want to do in my life. If I wait for “the right time” to do it, I might find myself run out of time .. and that thought makes me a bit sad.

In other news: going on a week of sleep deprivation. Looking forward to meeting my new NP, and talking to her about it.

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Add tissues to the market list.

In between the first visit with the new optometrist, paying bills, and going out for coffee with friend J., I stopped at home to make a sandwich and catch up on a few blogs I read regularly. And found myself with tearstained cheeks reading Scalzi’s tribute to his sweet Kodi.

Just this morning I thought I caught a glimpse of my little Cleo out of the corner of my eye, but no.. it was just a jumble of shoes.

I love you, my sweet girlie. You are sorely missed.

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Delighted by Friday.

This week has been a struggle. I was delighted to wake up this morning, having had my first good night’s sleep in several days, to discover that I was looking forward to the day, and and this weekend, with an intensity that I have not experienced in some time.

This weekend won’t be a busy one for me; my delight stems partly from that fact. I am excited to be planning on doing little things. Meeting a friend for coffee. Running a few errands, picking up a few necessary items. Visiting the swimming pool. Doing some reading and research for my summer graduate class. Unpacking a few things – hopefully locating my crochet hooks in the process.

I haven’t had a restful weekend in quite some time. I am looking forward to this one with great anticipation.

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